Introduction Edit

There are a few new creatures in the mod, all of the models, textures and animations were made by Zenl.

Geckos Edit

Geckos are giant lizard creatures in Fallout 1, 2 and tactics, like most of the creatures in the mod, they are pretty common, raiders and New Reykjavik Settlers train them.

there are five color variations:

Floaters Edit

Floaters made an appearance in Fallout 1 & 2.

Floaters are hostile creatures, found commonly in dark places such as mines, they are very resistant to lightning but are very weak to fire damage. Floaters were created with the FEV virus, just like the Wanamingos. They were also imported to Iceland through raiders, they found some floater eggs and brought them to Iceland. The raiders were having a hard time getting into New Reykjavik due to it's heavy steel walls, so their plan was to leave the eggs infront of New Reykjavik, in hopes that the creature that hatched would destroy the settlement. Once the Floaters had hatched they chose not to destroy the settlement but rather seek shelter in the Surtsey Mine. The citizens of New Reykjavik still don't like having these vile monstrosities so close to their city, I bet you could find someone who would pay you alot of caps to get rid of them.

Wanamingos Edit

Wanamingos appeared in Fallout 2, they are weird-looking mutant animals. These creatures are extremely dangerous and will attack you on sight.

Wanamingos were designed as FEV-tailored weapons of war, but some escaped and sought shelter in the Wanamingo Mine in Redding, that mine is not the only place they live in, many of the Wanamingo's went to Florida and Utah, not long ago some raiders found some eggs in a mine in Utah and brought some with them to Iceland. Once they hatched the Wanamingos turned on their raider masters and they now live in the Icelandic Wasteland.